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Our mission is to help disabled, medically fragile, and special needs children and their families to live healthy, enriched, and joyful lives.

We have experience helping children with cancer, who are medically complex, or with multiple disabilities. We intend to treat these families as our extended family. We use the following principles to guide our care; family oriented, holistic services to address medical, financial, and social needs, and individualized personal attention to address each patient's unique needs.

This is why we do what we do. 


Andrea Reitzel, a former HRIS/Payroll Project manager, created this

company to help other families that face the challenges that her family

and many others faced.  She found that there were companies that

specialized in pediatric therapies but not solely pediatric nursing. 

Here is her story:


Andrea's daughter Madeleine and son Alexander, pictured here, have

come a long way. Madeleine (our company's logo designer) is a fabulous

big sister who has had Reactive Airway Disease but is now symptom free.

Alexander was a healthy and easy pregnancy and birth but his struggles

started immediately. He had surgeries at age two and four months and

was diagnosed with failure to thrive, multiple food sensitivities, and

asthma.  Alexander had low tone and was sick and at the doctor weekly. 

When he was 17 months old, the family Chiropractor, Lisa Goodman from Wash Park Chiropractor, suggested Alexander have an eye checkup due to a progressively worsening lazy eye. 


Alexander was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (cancer) and later 13Q deletion (Orbeli Syndrome).  Alexander was treated and is followed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City.  Andrea and Alexander have traveled from Denver, Colorado, on referral from Lyon's Eye Center at University of Colorado Hospital. The best treatment they have found is at MSKCC. Alexander went every four weeks for treatment; over time this was extended to every six weeks and then every eight weeks.  His last treatment was 1/30/2013. 


Alexander was recently found to be cancer free! He will continue to have the eye tumor, but it has not grown.  He continues to have multiple disabilities including apraxia (a motor speech disorder that makes it hard for children to speak) and mild to moderate autism (although he doesn't agree with that autism diagnosis) and has daily therapies and care. He is a smiley, happy little boy.


While Alexander was going through this, Andrea had been referred to a home health company to be a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) for Alexander, a benefit available in Colorado. She decided to offer a more family-oriented, less corporate environment while meeting all statutory requirements and helping other families. Thus, All for Kids Home Health was born.

Quality care you can trust

All for Kids takes extra steps to ensure clinical excellence and safety:


Since getting my CNA, I have worked with a home health care company that has brought me to question if there was better out there. All for Kids Home Health has always strived to answer all the needs of my child. There is no other company out there exclusively helping parents become CNAs. All for Kids makes life as a special needs mom better.

Parent CNA


Rigorous hiring standards.


Each of our All for Kids health care professionals undergoes an in-depth interview process, with thorough background checks and work history verification.

Ongoing supervision and training.


All aspects of your child's care plan are overseen by a clinical manager who is a registered nurse and makes routine supervisory visits. We assess your care team’s skills on a regular basis and provide ongoing training and education to keep up with the latest treatment practices and technologies.

Client and family-centered team approach with a commitment to our core values.


Our nurses partner with you in your child's care. We communicate regularly with you, your child's physician, and your All for Kids care team. All of our nurses are committed to providing care with compassion, excellence, and reliability — it's the All for Kids Way.


Call today! 720-456-8054

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