Read What AFK Families Have to Say

I am so happy I found All for Kids. They welcomed us as if we were family. They are always there to help with any questions that might arise. They truly care about the clients and the families.

Tracy L.

Working for All for Kids Home Health has been such a blessing to our family! Being able to stay home with him not only gives us some financial freedom but it also gives me more time to focus on our son and be able to give him more support! The staff here is amazing and they make you feel like you are a part of their family!!

Ashley B.

So many of us feel lost and alone without the means to support our families while trying to care for our special and medically fragile children. With no idea how to make ends meet and having struggled through the initial process, I was given a long list of agencies to choose from and decided to call All for Kids Home Health. I had no idea what to say or ask for. The kindest voice answered, and instantly I was ushered into a world of support and kindness. Little did I know, at the time, I would be guided through this difficult process by people with so much knowledge, empathy, kindness, and love. They instantly made me feel like family. I am eternally grateful for their continued support and commitment to me and my family. I know they have other families to care for but they always make me feel like we are their only one. They truly care about my special child and about giving me the support I need to make his life better.

Meredith C.

This is the absolute best home helath care company I have ever worked for. It is like a big family. All the staff are loving and supportive.

Melanie D

This company is amazing. They accommodate the needs of both the individual, the employee, and the family in their unique situation. I have confidence that my child’s needs are met while following the laws of home helath care.

George K.

Wonderful place to work! I have always formed personal relationships with the staff as they are so caring with their employees and patients. They pay well and care about their employees. Ive been with AFK for over 8 years and don’t plan to change.

Juliet D.

All for Kids is a great company. I have had nothing but positive experiences. It is owned by a mother with a kiddo who has a disability, so she really understands it all. Communication has always been excellent and I am very happy with all of the staff at AFK.

Madiha L.

They are the best home health care company!

Idil D.

All for Kids has hands down been the best company to come into my son’s life in over 13 years! The willingness to help by the staff, their attention to detail, and overall quality of care is top notch!

Natalie S.

All for Kids is a great company to work for. The owner and office staff are super responsive, and they all work hard to make sure families are well taken care of.

Megan G.

I couldn’t be happier working at All for Kids. The office staff are always friendly and helpful, and they communicate clearly and often with their parent CNAs. I can tell they truly care for special needs kiddos and families. Wonderful working relationships!

Leslie N.

Amazing company. Great values and they truly know how to support the needs of our community. So grateful for all of the staff at All for Kids!

Chelsie H.

AFK is a great place to work – they are supportive and help me fulfill my role in caring for my daughter, who has special needs. Trainings are easy, charting is more than manageable and I always feel so supportd so my daughter can receive the best care.

Sarah K.

Wonderful company with an incredibly organized adn attentive team. Our family has had great experiences with everyone we’ve met from All for Kids!

Annie D.

I have worked with All for Kids since the start of the company. They are amazing and kind people, owned by a mother with her own child with special needs. The love and relatiability of everyday life struggles could not be handled more professionally or compassionately by the staff! They are top notch!

Jazmin H.

One of the greatest professional family oriented health organization experiences ever encountered as a special needs parent and employee in this industry of health care.

Ron D.

All for Kids is a fantastic company to work for. They are kind and knowledgeable and I am grateful for everything the team does to keep us up to date on all the things that change in the disability world. They also have competitive compensation and generous bonuses.

Heather S.

All for Kids health has improved our family’s life in many ways. As a mother, it has helped me feel validation for the hard work I do for my family. For my daughter, they have gone the extra mile to make sure she is receiving the proper tools, therapies and support she needs to grow. Thank you for that!

Eden M.

All For Kids has been so easy to work with! They feel like family because they are so personable. I appreciate the unlimited support and guidance they continually provide to me.

Lorri A.

I feel supported and grateful for the opportunity to work here!

Jessica P.

All for Kids is an amazing company to work for! Andrea, the leadership team, and office staff are caring and compassionate and always go the extra mile to assist special needs kids and their families. Andrea is a passionate advocate for children and families and the All for Kids team participates in many ways to ensure their interests are represented and protected. I am proud to be a part of the All for Kids team!

Deb B, Special Needs Mom and Nursing Supervisor.

I’ve been with AFK for just over 4 years and I couldn’t be happier. They are not just my employment but a second family who comes through for me in times of need. Thank you for being amazing!

Erin J.

I have been with All for Kids Home Health agency (AFK) for a couple of years now. Before choosing AFK, I interviewed a couple of home health agencies. There are many things that made me go with this agency, but a few of the reasons are: The staff are helpful and friendly – It is run by a special needs mom whe gets it. Many of the staff that work here also have special needs children. – Honest and organized – Resources to help me be a better mom.
If you are looking for an agency that gets it and will help make this road a little easier, you should check them out.

Tara B.

All for Kids Home Health is a great place to work! Their support, knowledge and communication has been incredibly helpful for me navigating my new role as a CNA for my two disabled children.

Kylie H.

I have been a member of the All for Kids CNA staff for seven years for good reason. All the staff are wonderful. They are always supportive of their families and clients. Being a part of AFK family is wonderful.

Alex C.